Audience Award 2017

The Audience Award 2017 was awarded to Pascal Mayet for his work 'Ellinikon'. A work inspired by a 21-day long stay in front of the refugee camp 'Ellinikon' nearby Athens in Greeze. Thus, Pascal Mayet has exceptionally won both the KP Prize and the Audience Award.

Pascal Mayet in front of the work 'Ellinikon', which brought him both the KP Prize and the Audience Award in 2017. Photo: Axel Schütt. .

The Audience Award 2017

Throughout the 6 years we have awarded art prizes in the KP, it has almost been a rule that there has not been convergence in the tastes and preferences of the small jury awarding the KP Prize and the audience who voted in the exhibition period his/her favorite artist.
But 2017 has been an exception. Pascal Mayet ran with both awards for his very thoughtful work 'Ellinikon', which consists of many small snippets of texts and drawings that float almost weightlessly hanging in sewing thread. Both drawings and texts refer to Ellinikon, Athens old airport, which until 2001 in 60 years served as the city's international airport. Today, the airport houses countless refugees.

'Ellinikon'. Photo: Jens Møller

'Ellinikon' (detail). Photo: Jens Møller

'Ellinikon' (detail). Photo: Jens Møller
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In 2017 was made a total of 680 votes.
85 votes to Pascal Mayet for 'Ellinikon' (KP17)
71 votes to Kamilla Jørgensen for the installation 'Alphabet' (SPRING17)

49 votes to Julie Greve Lindholm for series of paintings 'Franær' (SPRING17)
votes to Lene Lykke Davidsen
votes to Sofie Clausager Sörensen
votes to Linda Falkesgaard
votes to Mette Riise Kristensen
votes to Holger Bak
votes to Jens Ulrik Petersen
votes to Freja Niemann Lundrup

The remaining votes were divided among the other artists.

680 votes is the highest number that has been given since the Audience Award was first awarded in 2012. Last year (2016) was given 643 votes.

AUDIENCE AWARD goes to the artist who receives most votes from the visitors audience during the exhibition period.
The Prize is a Travel Grant of 1.333 € donated by

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