The Audience Award 2019 was given to Johnny Schmidt Erbs, who at SPRING19 showed 5 large paintings with the overall title "Poem memories".

Johnny Schmidt Erbs is educated at Aarhus Academy of Art 2006-10.
Erbs works in West Jutland, where painting is his genre. Erbs particularly focuses on opposing dynamics in environmentally-based locations where experiments with various types of narrative imagery, embracing overlooked topics in a poetic and nostalgic manner.

'Complication of strength test’ – painting by Johnny Schmidt Erbs, 170x200 cm. (Photo: Jens Møller)

It was a proud and happy artist who received the Audience Award by Lisbeth Bachman . (Photo: Hans Petersen)

View of Johnny Schmidt Erbs paintings at SPRING19. (Photo: Jens Møller).

Number of votes
In 2019 was given 616 votes
95 votes to Johnny Schmidt Erbs for the paintings ’Poem Memories’ (SPRING19)
37 votes to Janne Mikkelsen for the fabric painting ’Indsight 3’ (KP19)
33 votes to Clara Denmark for the photo ’His’tory (untitled)’ (KP19)
32 votes to David Ramirez Gomez (KP19)
29 votes to Nour Fog (SPRING19)
26 votes to Hannah Anbert (KP19)
26 votes to Anna Johnsen (KP19)
26 votes to Olivia Willmann (KP19)
25 votes to Kirsten Hagelskær (KP19)

The remaining votes were given to the rest of the exhibitors at KP & SPRING

>> Vinder af Kunsthal Aarhus' Publikumspris: Erbs var deres suveræne favorit_Århus Stiftstidende_2019-04-24_by Hans Petersen (in danish)

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AUDIENCE AWARD goes to the artist who gets most votes from the visitors during the exhibition period. The Prize is a Travel Grant of 10.000 DKK.
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