This years Audience Award was awarded to Kamilla Jørgensen and Vibeke Jensen for two objects (Kamilla Jørgensen) and two paintings (Vibeke Jensen)

  The object, "Pillow" by Kamilla Jørgensen and the painting "Here it began" by Vibeke Jensen (Photo: Kamilla Jørgensen and Vibeke Jensen).

Kamilla Jørgensen, "Psalms" (Foto: Kamilla Jørgensen).

Kamilla Jørgensen, "Pillow" (detail) (Foto: Kamilla Jørgensen)..

Vibeke Jensen, "Here is still light" - painting, 110x100cm (Photo: Vibeke Jensen)

Vibeke Jensen, "Here it began" - painting, 110x100cm (Photo: Vibeke Jensen)

Links to artists websites
>> Kamilla Jørgensen
>> Vibeke Jensen

Number of votes
In 2016 was given 643 votes.
49 votes to Vibeke Jensen and Kamilla Jørgensen
35 votes to Lene Lykke Davidsen
31 votes to Mette Braüner
31 votes to Noelia Mora Solvez
30 votes to Gregory Fallows
28 votes to Jane Pedersen and Ulrik Lund
22 votes to Villiam Miklos Andersen
The remaining votes were given to all the rest of the exhibitors at KP & SPRING

AUDIENCE AWARD goes to the artist who receives most votes from the visitors audience during the exhibition period.
The Prize is a Travel Grant of 1.333 € donated by

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