'Inrejse' was the title of the both emotive and thoughtful animation film by David Ramirez Gomez, who was awaarded the KP Prize in 2019. The 5 minutes long movie dealt with some of the human tragedies and traumas that may be associated with immigration and migration.

Still from 'Inrejse', by David Ramirez Gomez.

The KP Prize jury members consists this year of Jesper Rasmussen, Jens Erik Sørensen and Chairman of KP Lisbeth Bachman. They reviewed all works at KP19, and that the choise fell on 'Inrejse' could be motivated as follows:

The video is fresh and playful in its use of animation, which is almost a kind of 3D animation where the drawings move like paper objects in space.
The animated characters are drawn as coarse, caricatured and unsightly characters, while being almost graceful in their animated movements.
The combination of animation and real-life shootings mimics the classic use of artificial rear projection in car scenes in old films.
In addition, 'Inrejse' includes dramatically light and shadow effects and the cutting is dynamic and powerful.

KP Prize 2019 awarded by KP’s chairman Lisbeth Bachman to the pleasantly surprised David Ramirez Gomez (Foto: KP)

Jury on duty – from left Lisbeth Bachman, Jesper Rasmussen and Jens Erik Sørensen. (Photo: Kim Haugaard).

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